We provided comprehensive technical advice and design expertise, throughout a rigorous tender negotiation, to ensure the University appointed the best contractor for the job.

The Brief

Aberystwyth wanted to enhance their student experience with higher-quality accommodation. The project consisted of 900 student bedrooms, set over 20 blocks, plus 100 studio rooms and a Hub building.

The works were procured as a PFI project. Our role was to provide technical advice on each of the bidder’s proposals.

Our Response

Our multi-professional service meant that we could respond quickly at each stage of the bidding process with comprehensive technical advice. To ensure all bids could be compared like-for-like, we provided lifecycle cost templates for each bid, significantly reducing operating costs for the University when they take over the facility at the end of the PFI contract.

Key Facts

  • Amended the PFI agreement to ensure the appointed contractor would be liable for products for five years after handover to the University.
  • Coordinated design and maintenance costs to add value to the project.
  • Has been awarded a 5* accommodation grading by Visit Wales.

Project Information

Client: Aberystwyth University