We worked closely with Northamptonshire Police to form an estate rationalisation strategy and advise on a procurement of services. Subsequently we were commissioned to design and deliver the new Northern Accommodation Hub combining all services to achieve an efficient centralised facility. The building consists of 3 storeys of office accommodation with a mixture of cellular and open plan offices, break out spaces, informal meeting area, gymnasium and welfare facilities, acting as a central base to meet the needs of 400 staff from multiple user groups with varying functions, both operational and administrative.


The use of a concrete frame allowed for large uninterrupted spans between columns with the thermal mass maintaining heat, and load bearing masonry with reinforced concrete slab to the roof enabled high acoustic levels to be achieved whilst reducing the complexity of construction. The building also benefited from zoned and split heating and ventilation systems separating the ground floor response area so this can run 24/7 without the need for full building operation, significantly reducing energy consumption.


A collaborative approach to design ensured the project was completed within budget and to the highest quality standards with no value engineering necessary whilst fulfilling the client’s aspirations.

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