North Hamilton is an extensive new residential development on the north-east edge of Leicester, built on a greenfield site with steep topography. Between 2000 and 2011 Pick Everard played a key part in designing and delivering over 2,000 of its dwellings, as well as accompanying amenities.

The brief

We were commissioned to carry out ongoing feasibility design, detailed design, project management and supervision of construction. We also designed and constructed the spine roads, surface and foul water sewers, and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for the whole site.

Our response

Our team responded to planning constraints regarding flood risk by designing an attractive network of open drainage channels and ponds that allowed for natural infiltration and controlled flow to the receiving watercourse.

This scheme was one of the earliest of its type and scale in the UK before the publication of major SuDS guidance, and our team were praised for their successful, innovative design.

Key facts

  • The scheme has been the subject of a number of research studies.
  • Experts consider it an excellent example of how SuDS can create multiple benefits: aesthetic, environmental, ecological and social.

Project Information

Client: Humberstone and Elms Farm Trustees

Value: £2.2 million