During the course of our contract to design and manage the extension to Merton Cemetery, significant waste management issues arose as a result of the site being located on an unrecorded landfill which contained a variety of wastes, including Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

The Brief 

  • Define the extent and nature of the former landfill.
  • Determine the most cost effective solution for handling the waste material, with due consideration to ground stability and general aesthetics.
  • Undertake appropriate risk assessments to ensure the development was safe.

Our Response

  • Ground investigations and risk assessment to characterise the landfill.
  • Development of a solution which allowed the majority of material to remain on site.
  • Management of the development works in accordance with the ‘Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice’.

Key Facts 

  • Waste screened to remove the coarse fraction and any ACMs before mixing with engineered clay to improve the physical properties.
  • Reclaimed waste material reused under the Code of Practice.

Project Information

Client: London Borough of Merton

Value: £140,000