Pick Everard was appointed to provide multi-disciplinary design services for a £120 million school expansion programme in Hounslow.  We were subsequently appointed to provide and/or procure services to address the environmental risks associated with the developments.

The Brief

  • Ensure the environmental risks associated with each development were identified, managed and mitigated.
  • Provide sufficient information to satisfy planning requirements.

Our Response

  • Produce environmental desk studies, air quality assessments and flood risk assessments.
  • Procure ecological, noise, landscape and ground assessments.
  • Provide consultancy advice as required regarding these and other aspects including waste management and permitting.

Key Facts

  • Holistic approach that allowed the early identification of environmental risks and liabilities.
  • Production of detailed survey reports that addressed environmental concerns and satisfied regulators.


Project Information

Client: London Borough of Hounslow

Value: £50,000