HMP Warren Hill in Woodbridge, Suffolk is a new build which houses up to 40 vulnerable youths with a reception, discharge function, healthcare and new bed induction facility.

The Brief 

The brief was to adapt and develop existing tired facilities that cater for young offenders. This was to include the reception and healthcare unit, the accommodation blocks needed special attention to create a environment that would inspire, comfort and educate, whilst tailoring the space to keep bullying to a minimum.

Our Response 

The interiors team used sources e.g. NOMS to create a colour palette to aid in creating an environment with a non- institutional feel, to help tailor a unique look for young offenders. Start with a neutral base, bold elements were introduced with changes of colour and texture to designate areas throughout an open plan environment.

Key Facts 

  • Working within NOMS to create sense of welbeing
  • Specify products that create a safe environment.
  • Using material that are safe and practical for ease of maintenance.
  • Creating a unique look tailored towards Juvenile offenders.
  • Challenging the security standards to create less austere and institutional environment.

Project Information

Client: Youth Justice Board

Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk

Value: £16.2m