We were commissioned to refurbish and update a 1970’s courthouse, working alongside the architecture team, we created a space that is both resistant and easily understood with use of way finding.

The Brief 

The brief was to design a concept that was warm and welcoming yet sat in context of the original building. Compliant for DDA and resilient to the heavy usage it will have. Changing areas such as the reception and upgrading areas such as circulation and courtrooms.

Our Response 

Once a way finding strategy and signage were agreed, the interiors team worked within guidelines such as ‘NOMS’ to create a space that was bright and airy, and welcoming using a neutral and warming colour palette to make the building inviting. Materials were specified that are hard wearing and created a standard throughout the building.

Key Facts 

  • Use of ‘NOMS’ to create a compliant design
  • Materials chosen for low maintenance and cost effectiveness.

Project Information

Client: Lend Lease

Location: High Wycombe