Following the closure of Dordon sewage treatment facility and the tightening of Environment Agency controls, Severn Trent Water needed a replacement works at Grendon capable of coping with increased demands.

The brief

They commissioned us to replace Grendon’s works with an improved, larger-capacity facility which could meet the Environment Agency’s tightening effluent discharge levels and phosphate discharge limits. We were also asked to manage the project, ensuring minimal impact on operational treatment units.

Our response

Early in the project, we constructed new access from the highway, providing an alternative route for Severn Trent’s staff to keep their activities separate from the construction work. We also built a sludge holding tank early on, enabling a large area of the site to be cleared for construction. This allowed the layout to be optimised, minimising future operating costs.

Key facts

  • The new works have had zero health and safety incidents in.
  • We completed the project ahead of changes to Environment Agency limits.
  • We optimised the site layout for easier future maintenance.
  • We planned commissioning activities to avoid consent failures.

Project Information

Client: Severn Trent Water

Value: £4.2 million