The Great Glen Way LDP runs between Fort William and Inverness and is a major walking and biking route through the Highlands encompassing some of the best known landmarks in Scotland including Loch Ness, Ben Nevis, and Urquhart Castle. We re-routed substantial portions between Fort Augustus and Drumnadrochit

The Brief

To create a new route that would take Users out of the Forest Plantation up onto the hills providing a better experience and essentially separating them from forest operations such as felling.  As far as practical, the path is for all users; foot, bike and horse, and provide all ability access

Our Response

We developed an impressive scenic that (a) improved the walker experience and (b) to separate walkers and felling activity for H&S reasons. The overall length involved is about 25km.

Starting in January, we cleared any environmental and statutory issues very quickly and had the project fully detailed and out to tender by June 2013.  Work started in August 2013 and was substantially finished in July 2014 having added further lengths of path, rest facilities and public art.  Working with the Contractor, routing was micro-sited to have least environmental impact and to make use of locally won material

Key Facts 

  • Additional features from drystane dyke seating with spectacular views to unexpected quirks such as a troll bridge deep in the woodland or the ‘O’ framing a fantastic view through Scots Pine to the hills beyond.
  • Forestry Commission Scotland, Highland Council and Users are delighted with the new path which now has variety of interest, rather than a trudge through Plantation.
  • To quote one walker; “Scenically, I never really rated Loch Ness but this route, with its views spanning the whole length has really impressed and caused me to think again”

Project Information

Client: Forestry Commission Scotland, with Highland Council support

Value: £1.1 million