This is an ongoing commission for the design, specification and management of development projects in an overall programme of site-improvement works.

The brief

The project includes inspecting existing facilities, submitting advice on the issues found, creating appropriate specifications for developments and project managing required works.

Our response

We rationalised the existing development projects, improving clarity of budget and general project forecasting. By providing concise, accurate specifications and details, we’ve enabled the facilities contractor to accurately price works, provide consistent programmes and improve the quality control of the work undertaken. Our technical advice to EDF’s property services team ensures the most appropriate responses are put into place quickly and within required response times.

Key facts

  • Our project management allows for asset-replacement budgets to be rationalised and for additional works to be undertaken within allocated funds.
  • We complete multiple repair, renewal and improvement works on time and within budget.
  • Our work ensures the facilities assurance manager and EDF Energy have more visibility of works being undertaken and planned.

Project Information

Client: EDF Energy

Value: £2 million