Our consultants delivered a feasibility study of the combined heat and power facilities for DVLA’s Swansea offices. We developed a number of energy models exploring potential replacements for the gas-fired plant.

The Brief 

We were commissioned to undertake a detailed feasibility study of a gas-fired CHP plant within the DVLA’s Swansea offices. The client wished to explore the options available for a more cost effective heating system which could lower running costs and reduce the office’s carbon footprint.

Our Response

Our team consulted extensively with the client to agree on key objectives and set out our specialist approach to energy modelling. With their aspirations captured, our consultants undertook the task of evaluating the electrical and gas infrastructure servicing the 50,000sqm office. We developed a number of options that laid out the most cost-effective and technically feasible options for the client’s consideration.

Key Facts

  • Our report factored in CRC and CCL taxes (carbon tax) into the final options.


Project Information

Client: DVLA