A legacy project for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, whereby a 15ha derelict site was transformed into a ‘Woodland Park’, providing valuable urban greenspace for the benefit of local residents. Past investigations had identified widespread contamination.

The Brief 

  • Review an existing Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA) based on past ground investigation information and comment on the proposed remedial strategy
  • Undertake a new DQRA based on the same data.
  • Design and justify a more cost effective contaminant management strategy.
  • Obtain agreement for the proposed strategy from the Local Council and SEPA.

Our Response 

  • Produced a new DQRA using the CLEA model and based on a site-specific exposure scenario.
  • Designed a capping layer using BRE guidance that was 200mm less than the original proposal.
  • Regulatory approval achieved after meetings with South Lanarkshire Council and SEPA.

Key Facts

  • The new strategy saved the importation of approximately 14,000m3 of clean cover.
  • This is the equivalent of approximately 700 truck loads.

Project Information

Client: Forestry Commission Scotland / Clyde Gateway

Value: £10,000