The Interior Design team were asked to put together three potential options for the refurbishment of Caxton House Library. An intimate space where staff could borrow books, attend learning sessions, or seek guidance from the small inhouse team. Our three design proposals needed to provide a refreshed appearance that would enhance footfall, support a modern working environment, and accommodate the library’s large range of books more efficiently. All while reflecting different degrees of refurbishment, from a new layout and basic refresh to complete redesign, looking at lighting, materials, and bespoke furniture items.

The Challenge

The impressive quantity of books and variety of functions that needed to be achieved within a small area made space planning and furniture selection key factors in the design process. Something that had not previously been accommodated within the library due to space constraints, was a social area. The client wanted to increase the amount of time users spent in the space. By developing social areas where the users would be able to interact, the team expanded the function of the space from a drop in library to an area in the building where social clubs could convene or private solo work could take place.

Our Solution

Through design team meetings with the client, we were able to work directly with the users of the library, collaborating with them to develop the design. The team were able to also work directly with suppliers to ensure furniture was chosen that reflected the client budget and functional needs of the space. Bespoke shelving and seating items were designed and incorporated to match the client’s unique requirements for the library. The result being a tailor-made layout and design that reflects their staff members individual needs and encourages new users to interact with the facilities.

Project Information

Client: Sodexo

Location: London