Cambridge Regional College was consolidating its operation to a single, edge-of-town site at King’s Hedges Campus and releasing capital from its city centre property. They commissioned us to partially masterplan King’s Hedges and construct new buildings and extensions to replace facilities offered in the city centre.

The brief

The client wanted to create a new reception, sports centre, motor vehicle studies building and hair, beauty and catering building. They also wanted to reconfigure roads and parking.

Our response

By engaging with user groups early and throughout, we made sure the buildings provided exceptional accommodation that helped staff deliver the curriculum.

We developed a robust understanding of the College’s needs, creating powerful strategies for zoning within buildings accessed by students, staff and the public. This made sure buildings were easy to navigate and enabled us to focus budget on areas that needed a wow factor.

Key facts

  • We partially replanned the campus.
  • We delivered five new buildings.
  • We used cost-efficient construction methods.
  • We employed PV, mini CHP & biomass technologies.
  • We incorporated 15% renewable energy generation.
  • We achieved a B rated EPC and BREEAM Excellent ratings.

Project Information

Client: Cambridge Regional College

Value: £20 million