150th Year Anniversary

Celebrating 150 years of success

In 2016 we celebrated our 150th anniversary. Founded in 1866, the practice has developed and grown to become a leader in the UK construction and property sector, and we were proud to use 2016 to celebrate our heritage and the achievements of the firm throughout the past 150 years.

Our 150th anniversary was also a great catalyst for positive change and the onward growth of Pick Everard.  During 2016 the firm invested in new UK offices and new innovation and projects, as well as focusing on team building across the business – ensuring better working practices and relationships are created for the long-term.

Our history

PEKG HI-RESPick Everard was first set-up by John Breedon Everard, a civil engineer and architect, in 1866 at 6 Millstone Lane, Leicester.  Samuel Perkins Pick expanded the architectural capacity of the practice, with the practice changing its name to Everard and Pick in 1888.

The name Pick Everard was first used in 1918 when the practice was called Pick Everard and Keay, which was then expanded in 1923 to Pick Everard Keay and Gimson – with this name remaining until 1991 when it was shortened to Pick Everard.

These were solid beginnings which enabled the business to grow in numbers and offices over the following decades. We now employ more than 450 people across the country  and are recognised as one of the top 30 multi-professional consultancies in the UK, working nationally across all sectors of the construction industry.

How did we celebrate?

With such an illustrious history, it was important for us all at Pick Everard to mark the anniversary together and with our clients.  It was also a great opportunity to create a legacy and support the charities close to our hearts.

During our 150 celebrations we held over 70 exciting events across the UK – we cycled 1,069 miles from our northernmost office in Inverness down to our most southerly base in Taunton; 60 participants walked 117 miles; we played quizzes, darts, ping pong and even Scalextric; and we finished by dining and dancing our way to raising over £50,000 for charities close to us. It was through this mix of events and activities we were able to say thank you to our staff, our clients, to our business partners, and all who work and contribute to making Pick Everard successful.