Sustainability & Environmental Consultants

Sustainability & Environmental Consultants

Sustainable Development is not just a buzzword. It’s a necessity.

A very pressing necessity, whether you need an Environmental Impact Assessment, renewable energy or energy efficiency studies, environmental optioneering, ecological surveys, Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) assessments, or high-level, long-term assessment and an audit of a whole set of projects.

That's where Pick Everard’s Sustainability and Environmental Consultants can help. Sustainable Consultancy adds value to all stages of your construction project from inception through the selection of a particular site or technical solution to design, development and operation of a building. Pick Everard offers a complete range of sustainability consultancy, under five broad work streams:Natural Environment, Built Environment, Environmental Management, Environmental Impact & Strategic Environmental Assessment and Building Physics.

Natural Environment looks at flood risk, ecological issues, land contamination, soil and groundwater protection, and a wide range of environmental impacts and opportunities.

Built Environment covers energy, Carbon Management, BREEAM, EPCs, sustainable materials, transport planning, green travel, sustainable drainage (SUDS) and even green demolition.

Environmental Management
Environmental Management includes Environmental Management Systems, Due Diligence, wider Corporate Social Responsibility issues and high-level project audit.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment
Pick Everard offers these services individually or as an integrated package of one or more disciplines, for projects of any size from single and at any stage, from initial options appraisal and strategy development through to post-construction environmental monitoring of entire developments or installed systems.

Building Physics includes Pick Everard’s specialist thermal and daylight modelling facilities as well as our expertise in advanced building materials and forms of construction - vital for modern, high-performance low-energy buildings.

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