Building & Land Surveying

Thorough planning is the foundation for successful projects. You need to know all about your site, your buildings, your costs and all the likely risks – everything that can affect the viability of your project. Pick Everard can provide all the skills and support you need for every stage of development. We handle all the paperwork, do the legwork and the hard work for you, keeping you fully up to date, the project on schedule and on budget.

Our diverse range of surveying services includes:

  • Design, specification and supervision of building works
  • Condition & dilapidation surveys and forward maintenance planning
  • Building defect analysis
  • Topographical and measured surveys
  • Monitoring of ground, buildings and engineering structures
  • Floodplain mapping for drainage and flood defence

Measured Surveys & Land Surveying

Land surveying is the starting point of any scheme, allowing you to plan, design and locate projects with confidence. We offer every level of survey from skeleton maps showing key features, suitable for outline planning applications, to specialist surveys including floodplain mapping for drainage and flood defence.

Our in-house surveyors are equipped with the latest GPS based instrumentation, and we can import data from LIDAR surveys, computer based mapping services and other external sources, providing you with a complete survey service.

Building Surveying

Your buildings are valuable capital assets and as construction and maintenance costs rise, effective and economic repair, maintenance and upkeep are essential. A professional survey is indispensable for assessing a building’s structure and fabric, giving a full picture of the construction and condition and a detailed appraisal of the methods and materials used. We will assess the building’s current condition, estimate what is needed to maintain, develop or adapt it to a new purpose and help you establish any construction and future maintenance costs.

If you’d like to know more about our surveying work or would like to discuss a potential project, please call Alastair Hamilton on 0116 223 4400 or email

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