Estate Rationalisation

Estate Rationalisation

Make your property estate work harder
In both private and public sectors, asset-led transformation has the potential to generate significant savings and be a catalyst for wider organisational change.

As a multi-disciplinary practice Pick Everard has a unique combination of skill, knowledge and experience in helping clients improve the performance of property estates through considered property strategies.

NHS and the Health Estate
Responding to Service Reconfigurations and New Ways of Working

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 introduces a wide range of changes to modernise the NHS, tackle today’s challenges and help avoid a crisis in the future.

One of the principal cost-cutting themes for the health estate is reconfiguration of clinical services and moving some hospital services into local health centres, GP surgeries or even patients’ homes.

Rationalisation of healthcare estates
In many instances service reconfiguration and the introduction of news ways of working in the NHS begins by reviewing the condition of existing buildings and service requirements.

This helps to identify how buildings to be retained can be better used and identify where there are commercial opportunities for developing land and premises that are no longer needed.

Cut waste, not resources
As experienced property consultants, Pick Everard offers advice and professional services to enable the fabric and function of the workplace to be optimised.

Our services include developing masterplans, Development Control Plans including Six Facets surveys, and working with clinical, service and estates teams to deliver effective and efficient solutions to improve performance through considered property strategies and creating a more agile organisation for the future.

In tandem, we can also suggest methods for improving productivity and effectiveness of your teams and help you to implement these using a practical toolkit approach.

Identify project drivers
When change is needed in the workplace, the best foundation is an understanding of the reasons driving it.

Whether the primary goal is to cut costs, drive productivity or comply with new standards, rationalisation offers the potential to reinvigorate and prepare your organisation for the future.

To discuss how we can help you rationalize your property estate, please contact our Workplace Specialists by email - David Harris, and Dan Pilling, or by ‘phone on 0116 223 4400.




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Estate Rationalisation

Estate RationalisationMake your property work for you. Asset-led transformation has the potential to generate savings and be a catalyst for wider organisational change.

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